• Artificial cell division a step closer to reality

    06 / 11 / 2019

    The group of Christophe Danelon at TU Delft has now succeeded in reproducing the Min-system in artificially created vesicles, so-called ‘liposomes’. All three proteins were directly expressed from their genes within such liposomes, a process known as ‘cell-free protein synthesis’. “But it is not enough to just insert the ...

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  • BaSyC Kickstart 2019

    03 / 04 / 2019

    Especially the poster session, lab tours and the collaboration workshop were very much appreciated by the PhD’s and Postdocs. During the collaboration workshop they sat down together and discussed what they could mean for each other in terms of tools, knowledge and skills and after that they shared experiences ...

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  • Interview with Bert Poolman in the Volkskrant

    20 / 03 / 2019

    The Volkskrant published an interview with Bert Poolman. Fokke Obbema, journalist at The Volkskrant, interviewed biochemist Bert Poolman from the University of Groningen and BaSyC about living synthetic cells and the boundary between life and death. Read more (in Dutch)

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