Christophe Danelon Lab: a new film

In November 2020 we visited the Christophe Danelon lab to make a film together with Startup Science.

The Christophe Danelon group is devoted to the construction of a synthetic cell using a bottom-up biology approach.

The core architecture of their minimal cell consists of a cell-free gene expression system (called PURE system) encapsulated inside a lipid vesicle compartment (called liposome). Using in-liposome synthesis of proteins from DNA templates, they aim at reconstituting essential cellular modules that will ultimately work in concert to support autonomous growth and division cycles.

They will show you more about their work in this film, a film about BaSyC research in Delft (in Dutch): YouTube

For more information about Christophe Danelon: Christophe Danelon TU Delft and Christophe Danelon Lab
For more information about Startup Science: Startup Science – YouTube