Marileen Dogterom named Society Fellow of the Biophysical Society

Marileen Dogterom, Chair of the BaSyC Steering Committee, is one of seven people who will be designated as Society Fellows of the Biophysical Society. She is awarded this honor for her pioneering experimental work on elucidating the physical mechanisms that govern assembly and dynamics of cytoskeleton filaments, in particular microtubules. 

This designation honors the Society’s distinguished members who have demonstrated excellence in science, contributed to the expansion of the field of biophysics, and supported the Biophysical Society throughout their careers. The Fellows will be honored at the Awards Ceremony during the
Biophysical Society’s 63rd Annual Meeting in March 2019 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Maryland. 

Visit this page to find out who the other newly designated Society Fellows are.

About the Biophysical Society
The Biophysical Society was founded in 1958 to lead the development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics. It does so through its many programs, including its meetings, publications, and committee outreach activities. The Society’s members, now over 9,000, work in academia, industry, and in government agencies throughout the world.